The Laws of the Vampires


as revealed to Armand by Santino




That each coven must have its leader and only he might order the working of

the Dark trick upon a mortal, seeing that the methods and the rituals were

properly observed.




That the Dark Gifts must never be given to the crippled, the maimed, or to

children, or to those who cannot, even with the Dark Powers survive on their

own. Be it further understood that all mortals who would recieve the Dark

Gifts should be beautiful in person so that the insult to God might be

greater when the trick is done.




That never should an old vampire work this magic lest the blood of the

fledgling be too strong. For all our gifts increase naturally with age and

the old ones have too much strength to pass on. Injury, burning -- these

catastrophes, if they do not destroy the Child of Satan will only increase

his powers when he is healed. Yet Satan guards the flock from the powers of

old ones, for almost all, without exception go mad.


In this particular, let Armand observe that there was no vampire then living

who was more than 300 years old. No one alive then could remember the first

Roman coven. The devil frequently calls his vampires home.


But let Armand understand here also that the effect of the Dark Trick is

unpredictable, even when passed on by the very young vampire and with all

due care. For reasons no one knows, some mortals when Born to Darkness

become as powerful as Titans, others may be no more than corpses that move.

That is why mortals must be chosen with skill. Those with great passion and

indominatable will should be avoided as well as those who have none.




That no vampire may ever destroy another vampire, except that the coven

master has the power of life and death over all of his flock. And it is

further his obligation to lead the old ones and the mad ones into the fire

when they can no longer serve Satan as they should. It is his obligation to

destroy all vampires who are not properly made. It is his obligation to

destroy all those who are so badly wounded that they cannot survive on their

own. And it is his obligation finally to seek the destruction of all

outcasts and all those who have broken these laws.




That no vampire shall ever reveal his true nature to a mortal and let the

mortal live. No vampire must ever reveal the history of the vampires to a

mortal and let the mortal live. No vampire must commit to writing the

history of the vampires or any true knowledge of vampires lest such a

history be found by mortals and believed. And a vampire's name must never be

known to mortals, save from his tombstone, and never must any vampire reveal

to mortals the location of his or any other vampire's lair.


Taken from "The Vampire Lestat" (c) Anne Rice