Lestat's Return

The following is the text of a full-page Anne purchased in the Times-Picayune on Sunday, February 23, 1997.



The Vampire Lestat is Back!!!!

Readers are Overjoyed


The vampire Lestat wandered into town two days ago, and was walking in his dazed and shocked manner down St. Charles Avenue when he discovered that on the very spot where he had said farewell to his readers--the site of the old, empty car dealership--a new and wondrous structure had sprung to life, like a giant pinkish peach plant, right out of the earth. Lestat immediately knelt down and gave thanks--the peach apparition seemed nothing short of a miracle! Lestat immediately contacted his in full leather prowling the town as vigorously as ever, seeking evildoers to slake his eternal thirst. He sends his special love, special regards, and special thanks to Mr. Al Copeland. "Mr. Copeland, nothing short of your indescribable restaurant could shock me out of my torpor and my coma. I am now myself again! It is nothing short of a stroke of genius on your part to create a restaurant that will be immortalized in history, legend, and literature. You are one helluva guy! My immortal thanks. I will always count you as one of my dearest friends. Your kith and kin are a marvelous breed. May God look down with his infinite mercy with love upon you all."




End of a special report from the Astral Plane.